What is Encryption?
Encryption is a process by which we use software to encode sensitive information while it is in transit to OnlineCables.

How Does Encryption Work?
Encryption is based on a key that has two different parts. The public part and the private part. The public part of the key is distributed to those you want to communicate with. The private part is for the recipient's use only.
When you send personal information to onlinecables.com, you use OnlineCables' public key to encrypt your personal information. That means, if at any point during the transmission your information is intercepted, it is scrambled and very difficult to decrypt. Once OnlineCables receives your encrypted personal information, we use the private part of our key to decode it.

What Kind of Encryption Software Does OnlineCables Use?
OnlineCables currently uses the industry-standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption. But we continue to keep up with the current technologies in order to provide the best security for our customers.

What Information Does OnlineCables Encrypt?
OnlineCables encrypts all personal information you give us when you place an order online. Remember, if you feel uncomfortable providing any of this information online, please feel free to call one of our representatives at (408) 749-9900.

How Safe is Encryption Really?
Providing encrypted information online is as safe as doing it over the phone.